Estate planning

peace of mind for your loved ones

Notary helps you with many important aspects of life planning, including preparation of Wills, Powers of attorney and other planning documents, and keeping them current.


A Will is an important document that makes it easier for your family to deal with your assets after your death. A Will also provides immediate recognition of your executor allowing them to deal with the most pressing matters that follow your passing. It states what you want done with your assets when you die. These assets typically consist of real estate, money, investments, and personal or household belongings that you own. Also, a Will allows to stipulate who you would like to take care of the estate by appointing an executor and alternate executor of your choosing. Your Will also stipulates, who will receive your assets when you pass, and most importantly it allows parents to appoint a guardian of their minor children. You can change your Will at any time and it has no legal effect until you die.

A Will can simplify the distribution of the estate, save time and money for your family and help avoid conflict between the loved ones you leave behind. By making a Will, you will help your family to deal with your assets and give them a piece of mind knowing they are carrying out your wishes. Making a Will is an act of a great care for your loved ones.

Who needs a will?

Any adult in B.C. who owns property including real estate, vehicles or other assets, has a dependent spouse or children, and wishes to have someone they know and trust take care of their estate after their death.

What happen if I have no will?

Making a will is an important part of planning for your family’s future. If you die without a will, your property will be divided according to B.C. law, not your wishes, and the costs to administer your estate will increase. You will also be giving up the right to appoint the guardian of your choice for any children in your care.

Can I make a will myself?

You certainly can. However, a Will must meet a strict set of requirements set by legislation and case law in order to be valid. If any of these requirements are not met, the Will is invalid. Wills are an area where professional advice is well worth the cost. Drawing your Will with the assistance of a Notary allows you to rest assured that these requirements have been met and that your wishes will be carried out as desired.

In my practice, I do not only prepare Wills and other personal planning documents for my clients but also provide my clients with valuable tips and tools on how and where to keep the documents, how to best prepare their executors for this important role and help them navigate through the estate.

What do I need to make a will?

To prepare for making a will you should make a list of the following:

  • Your legal name (any aliases) and address.
  • Full name and address of whom you wish to appoint as your executor.
  • Full name and address of whom you wish to appoint as an alternate executor (should your first choice be unable to act).
  • A brief description of your assets.
  • A detailed description of any items or specific sums of money you wish to leave to beneficiaries.
  • How you want to distribute the balance of your estate (often referred to as the residue of your estate) after specific items or money have been given, if any.
  • Full names and addresses of all beneficiaries.
  • If a beneficiary should predecease you, who should receive his or her share?
  • If you have children under 19 years of age, the name and address of the person(s) you wish to designate as guardian.
  • Information on any burial or cremation arrangements you may have.