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Conveyancing is the process, which is done by a Notary to transfer legal title to a property that has been sold to a new owner.

Estate Planning

A Will saves time and money for your family and helps avoid conflict between the loved ones you leave behind.


Notarization assures the parties of a transaction that a document is authentic, and can be trusted.

What they’re all saying

  • "Top notch service with Adele! She was professional in all our interactions, offering sound knowledge and advise and was always prompt in all our interactions. We have bought and sold several houses and never have we had such good service with clear explanations on every detail. We also had our wills done again and were extremely impressed with the process and our final product."

    Faye StefanHome Buyer
  • "Adele acted on our behalf on 2 separate occasions including the recent purchase of a property in Port Moody. In both instances, Adele went out of her way to accommodate our scheduling challenges. Her professional manner, high level of competence, thorough approach and relaxed office atmosphere made the process as positive as it can possibly be. She came highly recommended by a very busy realtor whose other clients using Adele were equally satisfied. Her location is easy to get to and the lovable office greeter Gemma the Pomeranian adds a perfect touch. We strongly recommend Adele for any notary requirements."

    Terry WongHome Buyer
  • "Adele was amazing throughout the purchase of our new home. She was easy to get a hold of anytime by email or phone and her work ethic was A+. Not only was she quick and efficient throughout the entire process, but she is also great with people and we felt warm and welcomed each time we spoke with her. I will continue to see Adele for all of my notary needs and will recommend her to all my friends and family."

    Nikki BundevskiHome Buyer


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